About ZeVin Creations

ZeVin Creations started when Marisa and Maranda (two sisters) decided to make cards to give as gifts to save a little money. What started as just a little hobby doing work for family and friends has turned into a business to bring the art of giving handcraft cards back. Because the cards are hands crafted, no two cards look alike. Also due to this uniqueness the receiver gets a gift from the heart that can be kept forever. Their cards have received recognition through various press as well as national exposure on HGTV’s That’s Clever.

Marisa, a single mother of two children, is currently training for a walking marathon.  When not working, Marisa’s pastime includes crocheting and reading.  Marisa’s concentrated line of products is the altered journals, quote related greeting cards, crocheting embellishments for the products, and designing ZeVin’s more conservative styled greeting cards.

Maranda, a single mother of a busy toddler, is working on her second master’s degree in Mathematics while teaching at a local university.  When not working, Maranda’s pastime includes watching independent films and doing anything outdoors with her dog.  Maranda’s concentrated line of products is the heritage series (products geared for the Jewish, Hispanic, Asian, African American sector), utilizing fabrics for the products, and designing ZeVin’s more ecclectic styled greeting cards.

The name ZeVin Creations was selected as a way to pay tribute to the parent’s of Marisa and Maranda (ZE – Zenolia Miller and VIN – Marvin Miller).  God blessed both parents with these two girls, who impart have been blessed with the talents that go into making these pieces of art.

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