Sending Birthday Greetings

Based on greeting card stats – Birthdays and Winter Holidays are the most greeting cards sent in a year. So here are some tips on how you can take time to provide “A Gift Within A Card” for that special birthday:

1. Focus on the Recipient: You want to send a birthday greeting that is going to express the recipient’s favorite things. This form of branding lets them know you truly thought about them when making your card selection. Don’t you just wonder sometimes why someone would send you a dog themed card and you don’t even like dogs? It is because they just picked a card and didn’t think about you when selecting the card. We can put so much time in getting the perfect gift so now take just a few more minutes in selecting the perfect card!

2. Write a special Message: The true memory of a birthday card is the note written inside the card. Take a moment to think of something special to write in the card which will make the birthday person truly cherish the card — remember the objective is for the card to be saved not thrown out a week later! In your note try to reference something memorable about them and their birthday like a past celebration, special proverby on aging, or how special they mean to you.

3. Presentation is Everything: Not only does the card make an important impact on the recipient’s birthday but the presentation of the card does to. The most important thing of presentation is timeliness — so make sure that the card is sent out on time if going via postal mail (especially international greetings). If your card has something fragile about make sure to package it appropriately with bubble wrap of in a box so that it is delivered the same way purchased. And make the presentation fun by adding confetti in the envelope or decorating the envelope… think of how you’d like a birthday greeting to come to you!

ZeVin Creations wants to encourage you to do something you might not have done before “Make Birthday Greetings Memorable”. Take this month to start sending special birthday greetings to your friends, family, and business contacts. When sending a birthday greeting make sure to “focus on the recipient”, “Write a Special Message”, and make “Presentation Everything”. We hope the mentioned tips will aid in you “Making Gifts Within A Card” for your birthday greetings.


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