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Welcome to Making Gifts Within A Card – the Blog that encourages people to send cards via our lovely postal system

The blog has been in existence for two years now and are constantly improving our goals.  Making Gifts Within A Card is a blog used to educate the importance of sending cards (preferably handmade), inform you of upcoming dates and reasons to send a card, and to introduce you to items that compliment card-giving. 

ZeVin Creations will also use this blog to inform you about our business – new items, shows to find us, and any special press about us.  ZeVin Creations c0-owner Maranda Miller is the primary writer for the blog.  Starting in November 2007, we will have guest bloggers to assist in some of our posts.

If you have any additional questions or comments you can contact us at

We hope you enjoy Making Gifts Within A Card!

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