18 Days of Love


For the next 18 days I’ll be posting LOVE themed cards you can make or purchase to share with your loved ones!  At the same time you can enter to win a set of cards to use for your own little notes… All you have to do is comment about the card and how that love theme inspires you.

Stay tuned for the first Love card later today!

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8 Days of Giving – A ZeVin Creations Challenge

It is that time of the year where everyone “SHOULD” be in a giving mood.. and we’d like to encourage our readers to achieve the goal of using their GIVING spirit!  We started this challenge back in 2007 and we had a good response so let’s double the efforts of everyone giving back unto others when people need it the most!

For these 8 Days left before Christmas we want to challenge you to GIVE to others during this season of giving which of course is the true reason of the holiday season.  In my personal opinion, it isn’t about getting all these gifts and spending tons of money but to be with your loved ones and do for others however you can.

These next eight days I’ll post how ZeVin Creations has done something to make a difference in another person’s life.  We will also provide some suggestions on what you can do…  We hope that you our readers will also post or comment on what you did each day…AND in exchange we will randomly select from the comments to get a FREE CARD from us each day (that’s a total of 8 Cards we are giving away).  Can I just repeat — 8 FREE CARDS!

So here are some suggestions –

  1. Shovel snow from your neighbor’s driveway and sidewalk (unfortunately we didn’t get much snow here but hoping)
  2. Volunteer your time to help a local homeless shelter or food pantry
  3. Bake some cookies and/or candy for your postman, garbage man with a card expressing your thanks
  4. Pay for a cup of coffee/tea for the person behind you  at your favorite coffee shop
  5. Put extra money in the parking meter for the next car to park.
  6. And an easy way — just say hello to everyone you see!

Today I put extra money into two parking meters — typically I walk to my yoga course but I was running late so I decided hey since I’m driving I can give the change I had brought for another purpose and put it in the meter longer than my hour class.

Take this time to inspire others to make a difference this holiday season and you’ll in exchange be rewarded within your spirit knowing you impacted someone that wasn’t expecting it!(And possibly a FREE CARD)

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!


It’s December and we are BACK!

So let’s see what can I say — “I’m Sorry” — I know I have been a TERRIBLE blogger but life really got in the way.  Between teaching Algebra, taking math graduate courses, and being a mother blogging and running a business were not on my list of things to do!  But after some soul searching I’m ready to make room to keep the name ZeVin Creations in the back of your mind!

What a fitting time for us to return – the Winter Holidays!  So please check out the blog daily for I’m going to blog each day and provide tips and information on the glorious winter holidays of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa! 

Just a small update — we don’t have our lovely web site anymore — we are going to try something new during our 5th year of business (YIKES) — we will use our Etsy shop to retail our cards and use the blog to communicate what we’ve posted.  We really weren’t getting sales via the site so why not try a different approach. Hopefully before 2009 we will purchase our domain back and convert the blog to a site…

Thanks for being faithful viewers or new ones!

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Jog Your Memory Monday

I’m such a bad blogger…. it has been crazy here in da ville…. as some know I private tutor in the lovely maths.. and it is finals week so most of my students have been doubling their time so I am all over the city helping them make sure they getz that A.

No big holiday this coming week… BUT

Fish Where's Party

Ask yourself — do I need to send some cards out this week?  If the answer is yes you better verify the address, pick a handmade greeting for that special person in your life, and put it in the mail or hand deliver!  Here is a cute Birthday card you can pass along….  You can find it on our Etsy site.

Counting down the days— Father’s Day is June 15th!

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Inspire Me Tuesday

So it is Tuesday — I hope you all didn’t party to much on Cinco de Mayo!

Starting on Tuesdays I will have some inspiring quote or words to uplift your week.  This is all part of the newest collection called the “Inspire Me” Collection.  This is the brainchild of my sister for she is the “Words” person … those English majors that just love literature or they see something and get an ahhhh Ha moment.  If you’ve ever seen our quote cards she is the main person behind them.

Today’s “Inspire Me” card is:

Inspire Me Collection 001

Please take time to let this quote marinate in your soul and inspire you!  I will post this card on our etsy site later today.

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Why Send Cards during Spring – Part I

As you know, April is the month of Everything Spring.   For the next couple of posts, I want to take the time to provide some tips on why to send cards during the Spring season. 

Why Send Cards during Spring:

Reason #1 – Seize the opportunity to rekindle or renew relationships. Spring is the sign of rebirth/renewal so use a card to let someone you haven’t talked to know you are thinking of them, to revive a friendship/bond, or better yet just to let someone know how much they mean to you. Not only does a card express your thoughts of someone but during this season it can awaken a part of someone’s spirit that has been bothered during the winter months!

 Newest MOM card posted on our Etsy Site.

This tip is a great way to launch our cards for Mother’s Day – can you believe it is 32 days away from honoring the person used as a vessel to bring us in this world!  You know it’s weird but I didn’t really get into Mother’s Day until I was a mother — naturally I would give tribute and honor to my mother but never really valued the day as much (guess different when you have one of your own).

We are participating in a few different events related to Mother’s Day:

  • Etsy Greetings Mother of All Promotions – Free Shipping on Mother’s Day cards with purchase of any other card in our Etsy Shop.  You can learn more about Etsy Greetings here.
  • You can check out our Mother’s Love card which is part of the Mother’s Day Gift Guide by Purple Pink and Orange.
  • Our first show of the 2008 season will be on May 10, 2008 at the Beechmont’s Festival of Flowers so make sure to stop by and get your last minute Mother’s Day cards.
  • Stay tuned for a few more events to take place.

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This week at ZeVin Creations


It has been a busy past couple of days with various things on the personal side such as tons of homework… really not liking the master’s program right now… I have to say it is hard being a mother, having a business, working, and going to school.  But have to stay FOCUSED!

The winner of our Women’s History Month Contest has been sent an email so check your inbox.  We want to thank all that participated!  Starting this weekend we will have weekly contest just for April to celebrate spring and get our readers involved!  I’ll post the contest on Friday.

From the business perspective the site will be getting updated each day this week with our newest cards and changes so keep an eye out.  We finally did our inventory so we know what all we have in stock and organized everything — YEPPIE especially with us not having a studio at the moment….

Keep Making Gifts WIthin A Card!