Teach You Thursday – Recycled Gift Tags

As someone that LOVES to recycle — I’ve been wanting to make something with those pesky weekly sale mailers… In today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to make your own holiday gift tags using images from a sales mailer.

Step One: Gather Your Materials

Materials weekly sales mailer, scrap ribbon, coordinating scrap papers, recycled envelope

Materials weekly sales mailer, scrap ribbon, coordinating scrap papers, recycled envelope

So I had this one mailer that had holiday themed images that I thought would be perfect for a card or gift tag. I found some coordinating scrap papers and scrap ribbon to make the tag. Knowing that I might want a white surface to write a little note I grabbed an envelope I got in tha mail as well. This project is completely scrap materials!!

Step 2: Make first layer of gift tag

Two images cut out from Mailers

Two images cut out from Mailers

Pick out the images you desire for the tag and cut it out from your mailer. Then using adhesive (I used glue stick) place centered on your coordinating scrap paper. I tried to leave the equal amount of distance aroudn entire image.
First Layer of Gift Tags

First Layer of Gift Tags

Step 3: Finish the Gift Tag
Now take your image layer of the tag and adhere it (using glue stick) it to another coordinating paper. Make the image layer centered on this paper as well. Once everything is in place you can take your recycled envelope and adhere the correct amount on the back for your writing area (if you desire that).
Second layer of the Holiday Gift Tag

Second layer of the Holiday Gift Tag

Then to make it a tag punch a hole in either corner and thread your coordinating scrap ribbon through. And you have your final product – Recycled Holiday Gift Tags!
Recyled Holiday Gift Tags

Recyled Holiday Gift Tags

Have fun Making Your Own Gift Within A Card!


Teach You Thursday – Scrap Paper Holiday Greeting

As a cardmaker I find myself wondering what to do when I have some scrap paper with words on it.  Trying to not waste paper or trash it I find some kind of card to make.  Which I hope to show you how to do with today’s tutorial.  In honor of the holiday season I thought I would relate the card to reindeer and music.

Step One: Gather Your Materials (Note materials will differ on this card since it depends on what you have)

Scrap patterned paper, scrap solid paper, sticker embellishment
Materials: Scrap patterned paper, scrap solid paper, sticker embellishment

I have several pieces of scrap red music sheet paper from a custom order so how fitting for a winter holiday greeting since we hear tons of carols this time of the year.  I also have some sticker embellishments that had 2 prancing reindeers so I thought it would make a great card coordinated with light patterned swirls silver paper and a dark gray solid paper.

Step 2: Layout your papers how you desire on the card
Silver Swirl Paper Placed first

Silver Swirl Paper Placed first

I first took the silver swirled paper and made that my background paper.  Then I took the red music paper and cut it be a inner rectangle allowing the swirls to show.  Now for me I don’t pay attention to the size just cut but next tutorial I’ll remember to tell the sizes.
Placement of Red Music Paper

Placement of Red Music Paper

The last piece of layering is the Solid Gray.  Here I took some fancy cutting scissor that were hill curve shaped and cut a narrow piece of the gray and layered that over the entire card centered vertically.
Placement of Curvy Solid Gray Strip

Placement of Curvy Solid Gray Strip

Step 3: Add embellishment
Now I wanted to use the prancing reindeer sticker embellishment(it isn’t flat but gel like).  So I’ve place it in the center of the gray strip directly in the center of the card.  And here it is — I apologize for the picture but I’m studying for finals and using this as my break!
Finshed product - Prancing Reindeer on Music Paper

Finshed product - Prancing Reindeer on Music Paper

Have fun Making Your Own Gift Within A Card!


Teach You Thursday: Thank You Scraps

REMINDER:  Poetry Giveaway Just for Mom ends midnight, May 3rd.  Click here for more.

As some of our readers know, we moved our studio to a new location recently and with it being spring a time of renewal we are making some changes to how ZeVin Creations markets themselves especially so we can reach our goals for 2008!  One major change we will be making is to the “Making Gifts Within A Card” blog — we are going to have more theme based posts which will still adhere to our goals of educating people of when and how to send cards! 

It is my honor to start the new post of “Teach You Thursdays” – on Thursdays I will post a mini-tutorial on how to make a card geared toward an upcoming holiday.  You know initially I was worried about showing people how to make cards BUT I realized that as we’ve grown our style has changed so I can show the basics and see what happens.  As well this will increase our audience for in these times of economic struggles you can save a little making your own simple little card.  Another neat aspect about these tutorials is that they will be GREEN focused — as some know I love keeping my scraps and make something special with them — I don’t waste anything for you can make something out of any size of paper.

With Teacher Day being May 6, I thought it would be beneficial to show you how to make a simple Thank You card using your scraps.

Step One: Gather Your Materials (Note I have enough materials to make two cards)

Materials for Teach You Thursday May 12008


  • Scrap pieces of paper that coordinate together
  •             One big size patterned paper, 2-3 pieces of small solid papers
  • Alphabet stickers (focus is to spell out Thanks or Thank You)
  • Any other embellishments you desire
  • One greeting card cut into two flat cards
  • Favorite style of adhesive
  • Scissors and paper trimmer


Step Two: Place your patterned paper down

Step One may12008    Step One May12008 Card 2

Using your adhesive you want to place the patterned paper on your flat card front in whichever style of layout you desire.  In Card 2 I’m leaving some white space on the top and bottom of the card to give some variety.

Step 3: Use coordinating smaller pieces to form a design area for your words

Step Three may12008 Card 1

As you can see, with Card 1 I took my scrap pieces and cut them into narrow strips and adhered them to the patterned paper forming a geometric design.  (I accidentally forgot to take a picture of Card 2 in this step SORRY)






Step 4: Adhere Thank You phrase to the card

Step 4 May12008 Card 1   Step 4 May12008 Card 2

I always have extra stickers floating around so using various sheets or one new sheet form your phrase.  As you see with both cards I adhered the phrase to a different piece of paper to provide distinction. 

Step 5:  Add any embellishments if you desire

Step 5 May12008 Card 2

I first apologize for the coloring of this picture(I forgot to enhance it).  But I wanted to add a butterfly to the sentiment so using some scrap paper I cut it out and adhered.  You can add any type of embellishment you desire.





So now all you have to do is Write your special message to that teacher you appreciate.  What a great way to make a Gift Within A Card — provide some appreciation to someone that has inspired you via education!

I look forward to doing our next Teach You Thursday for it will be geared for that last minute Mother’s Day gift!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!


REMINDER:  Poetry Giveaway Just for Mom ends midnight, May 3rd.  Click here for more.

Project Studio Cleanup – Ribbons galore

000_2283.jpg000_2283.jpgAhhh the cleanup saga of the studio is back into full swing… today was the cleaning of the ribbon area!  Pictures of the cleaned area will be taken later tonight… right now went through and spooled things back on their spools and made some make-shift spools using toilet paper rollers… rather than recycling them we are going to reuse for now…


In the cleaning of the ribbon area there are TONS of ribbons that will never be used so that’s right they will be going on the ETSY store for retail.. and they will be selling for $1 or less…. in the process of cleaning learning that we also need to PURGE things that will never be used again… so stay tuned as things are posted.

Also today been approaching the whole wholesale order concept… have been looking for sample line sheets so that we have something to base ours upon and it will hopefully be finished by weekend so that I can begin tackling things for the Belknap festival!

Oh noticed a recent comment posted for the Mystery Giveaway asking about this card:

Fall Ground Scene

Yes you are correct — it is appliqued onto various fabrics.  The leaf is from an upholstery remnant and then using the burnt brown/orange thread it was appliqued to coordinating green and brown fabrics.  Thanks Laura for the wonderful comment!

Stay tuned!


It’s a dirty job… Studio Cleanup Day 1

000_2208.jpg (dirty studio)

So those that know us we have a studio in the basement of our home… great thing for don’t have to leave!  But the downside of our lovely studio is

A.  It is in the basement – damp and limited light…. and those funky looking crickets

B. It is quite a MESS right now! 

C.  Did I say it’s in the basement…

Okay so when some form of press is coming we really clean the studio and do our work down there… such as when HGTV came it was emaculate!  But any other day it is like a trash heap and we mainly do our stuff upstairs in the living room.. I mean we haven’t eaten on the living room table in ages…

Well my little one is home with me and we’ve carved out some of the basement for her little school area and that means that the studio needs to be cleaned and utilized for when it is her craft time I could be making cards or something productive… and with the holiday season fastly approaching I need to be downstairs away from distraction.  As well our trunk show is Oct 6th sooooo.. want it to look really nice and organized…

So for the next week we are going to do a Studio Cleanup and focus on a particular area of the studio and highlight it on our lovely blog…It will serve as a little break in our nonstop making of cards for Audubon, Strange Folk, and custom orders.

Studio Cleanup Day 1: Fabric Area


000_2206.jpg  000_2205.jpg

I use to quilt big time so ZeVin Creations inherited a bunch of fabric from my quilting stash… for I did a bunch of them especially for the family.  So we have fabric all over the place in bags, storage bins, and the floor.  Thankfully we got this old entertainment center from a friend of Marisa’s and we knew what we wanted to do with it.. store fabric!

So today’s cleanup involved me first cleaning down the center and the area it was going (vinegar,soda, and water – earthy cleaning alternative).  Then I proceeded to go through each fabric storage container and start folding and arranging the fabric based on patterns/solids/theme.  Taking one of the extra bins I placed pieces that can only use for small things in for me to just sort through when need something small. And all my quilt books/supplies/unfinished blocks are stored in the drawer for me to finish at some point in my life!

After Cleanup:


Stay tuned for Studio Cleanup Day 2 which is probably gonna be ribbon or embellishments…


Happy Birthday to the “VIN” of ZeVin Creations

Today is our dad’s birthday (June 19) and we just wanted to take time to wish him a happy day… especially since he is the “VIN” in our name (our mom is the “ZE”)…

In honor of our dad’s bday we wanted to start something new.. every now and then we will post the full steps of a particular card or project we are working on.. so why not show you our dad’s b-day card.

His card is made from various wallpapers  found in a book given to us from a local wall paper store…something new we’ve been trying to use more of..(REUSE concept).  Well he loves ducks so wanted a semi duck scene on the card.

  1. Step one take part of the wallpaper and cut out the duck want and grass want. (Forgot to get a picture of the wallpaper before cutting it..so sorry).
  2. Take the grass area and cut out any brown area so only have the grass/flowers.Cut Grass step in Dad 2007 bday card
  3. Start making the card by placing blue/green plaid wallpaper on white cardstock.
  4. Then glue on the cut out grass so plaid is showing through.
  5. Raise the duck so more of a 3-d effect above the grass component.
  6. Finally add the ripped pieces of the water in front and behind the duck so seems as if the duck is gliding on the water.
  7. Now write our special note and mail to our dad!  Isn’t he a cute duck?