Teach You Thursday – Recycled Gift Tags

As someone that LOVES to recycle — I’ve been wanting to make something with those pesky weekly sale mailers… In today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to make your own holiday gift tags using images from a sales mailer.

Step One: Gather Your Materials

Materials weekly sales mailer, scrap ribbon, coordinating scrap papers, recycled envelope

Materials weekly sales mailer, scrap ribbon, coordinating scrap papers, recycled envelope

So I had this one mailer that had holiday themed images that I thought would be perfect for a card or gift tag. I found some coordinating scrap papers and scrap ribbon to make the tag. Knowing that I might want a white surface to write a little note I grabbed an envelope I got in tha mail as well. This project is completely scrap materials!!

Step 2: Make first layer of gift tag

Two images cut out from Mailers

Two images cut out from Mailers

Pick out the images you desire for the tag and cut it out from your mailer. Then using adhesive (I used glue stick) place centered on your coordinating scrap paper. I tried to leave the equal amount of distance aroudn entire image.
First Layer of Gift Tags

First Layer of Gift Tags

Step 3: Finish the Gift Tag
Now take your image layer of the tag and adhere it (using glue stick) it to another coordinating paper. Make the image layer centered on this paper as well. Once everything is in place you can take your recycled envelope and adhere the correct amount on the back for your writing area (if you desire that).
Second layer of the Holiday Gift Tag

Second layer of the Holiday Gift Tag

Then to make it a tag punch a hole in either corner and thread your coordinating scrap ribbon through. And you have your final product – Recycled Holiday Gift Tags!
Recyled Holiday Gift Tags

Recyled Holiday Gift Tags

Have fun Making Your Own Gift Within A Card!


Fab Five Friday: Derby Style

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That’s right folks if you didn’t know — It’s DERBY TIME in my hometown – Louisville, KY.  So what a better way to start our Fab Five Friday’s than with some Derby Love!

Fab Five Friday - Derby

  1. Art By Mags – FLEUR DE LIS mixed media
  2. Surly – Good Luck In Red
  3. ZeVin Creations – Lou Is Ville Fleur De Lis
  4. dlkdesigns – Vintage World Map Pendant – Louisville, KY
  5. PennyFabricArt – Derby Dream

Now you ask how do these items relate to Making Gifts Within A Card — well if you know anything about KY Derby it is PARTY Time so these make great hostess gifts or even guest favors.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!

REMINDER:  Poetry Giveaway Just for Mom ends midnight, May 3rd.  Click here for more.

The Very First Card – November 2004

The Very First Card – November 2004 (the first year)

 People always ask us — How did you start making cards?   We typically chuckle and say you know it’s a very funny story…..

During the late summer of 2004 – Maranda moved from Rochester, NY to Louisville, KY  – the place she was raised and where most of her family resided – so she could rear her soon-to-be born child the same way she was with family. 

Although, Maranda had moved to a different city she maintained her own business that dealt graphic design and web development.  One day during a conversation with a client the question was posed — Do you know how to make cards?  The client had been working with someone else to make some greeting cards for her but they weren’t what she envisioned and she wanted to give someone else a try.  Knowing that Maranda had a strong background in the arts and was very crafty only choice she could think of — well she was right in asking for Maranda seen this as something new to expose herself to.  And since she was living with her sister she recruited her to go on a trip to Michaels just to see what kind of supplies she would need to make these samples… Thus begun our addiction with card making excursions!

After completing our first order of cards we continued making cards so that we could give them to friends and family members rather than paying mass produced retailers.  It was truly a hobby and reason to go shopping… It is so funny how much money we spent the first year of ZeVin Creations — between magazines/books and just stuff we wanted to experiment with…We dabbled in every form of cardmaking there is — stamping, embossing, straight paper, and then embellishments..

One day in February 2005 Maranda was making a card during her lunch break for a family member and a coworker(Maranda worked for Texas Roadhouse at this time) asked Maranda what she was doing and asked if she could make a card for him to give his wife and daughters for Valentine’s Day… Maranda was like sure and asked him a couple of questions about them so she could make the “PERFECT” card… Thus began the actual retailing of our cards to people as a business… granted we really didn’t charge anything for our initial purchases — cover the supply cost — but people would ask and we would gather information about the recipients and make the cards… And typically would make like 2-3 different cards for them to select from and ended up with extras for us to send or give to others.

 As we approached the end of the first year we got to where we could start using random things to make our cards and were getting out of purchasing just “Scrapbooking” items and our cards were getting out of the mode of resembling what we saw in a book but were OUR OWN personal designs… we still would reference a book/magazine to trigger inspiration but primarily it was all Marisa & Maranda making the designs… this also began us venturing into our INDIVIDUAL niches… you could see our personalities reflected in our cards.

Coming soon:  Pictures of the First Year Cards, The Very First Show – December 2005 (begin of year 2), National Recognition – November 2006 (begin of year 3), Goals for Year 4

Feature Holidays – Clergy Appreciation Month

Words of the Spirit Card

With today being Sunday, I wanted to take some time to highlight a holiday focused around the clergy persons of the world – Clergy Appreciation Month. The month was set aside as a way to honor the pastors/clergy and their families for all they do for us and the church/ministry they’ve been guided to lead. We are preacher’s kids and have been since birth — so we especially know how much pastors and clergy persons give or sacrifice for their fellow brothers and sisters in the spirit. Naturally you don’t need just a month to recognize the clergy person and/or pastor in your life but do it constantly to show your support for them.

As most know you don’t have to do much to show your appreciation for a clergy person. So here are a couple of ideas on how to recognize them.

Individual Persons:

  1. Help the clergy family by assisting in a home renovation or offer to babysit.
  2. Take your clergy person and/or pastor out for lunch.
  3. Keep your clergy person and/or pastor in prayer.
  4. Naturally give them a card expressing your gratitude.

Congregation Members:

  1. Coordinate a special event to honor your clergy persons and/or pastors.
  2. Dedicate a tree or room in honor of your clergy person and/or pastor.
  3. Provide some form of financial gift to the clergy family.

Thanks Among the Butterflies Gold Vine Thanks

We have posted some Religious & Thank You cards in our Ocassions Collection, and are currently working on some more to be posted next week.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!


Upcoming Show: Belknap Fall Festival on October 13

We got our booth number yesterday for the Belknap Fall Festival – #22.

So stop by our booth on Saturday, October 13, 2007 between 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Our booth will be off Harvard Drive which is a side street off Dundee Road.

Now if you stop by the booth and mention you saw this post you will get a little gift from us!

You can view the flyer about the festival here.

In honor of School Starting

The Patriotic Days Contest winner has been selected and we’ve notified them – so check your email.  Hmmm the 200th post contest didn’t go like we wanted it to go…. we are thinking of what kind of prize to give all that gave comments….

So today is the First Day of School – children are excited, parents are worried, and teachers are prepared.  We wanted to feature a couple of Back To School Items that we’ve seen which will make great gifts for a student, parent, or teacher/school employee.

Lunch Pail Notes

With both me and Marisa having little ones this item really hits home.  Lunch Box Notes – leave the little one a note letting them know you care and good wishes!  They are are done for you — just have to write your little note on the back and sneak it in their lunch box (or bag).  View these and other great items by AJ Designs.

Vintage Clipboard

One of wonderful things about paper is that you can put it anywhere.  So why not give your special school person a vintage clipboard.  This clipboard is vintage school themed with inspirational school items – which definitely make me learn.  See what else Storia Home offers at her Etsy Shop.

Dog Bone Art Lunch container 

LOVE these lunch containers which are great for any age!  The insulated bag is hand screen printed and match the whimsical view on bread/pear/bannan/apple or even milk.  You can see more whimical items by Dog Bone Art at the Etsy Shop.

As featured last week you can always provide inspiration or encouragement for the first day of school with one of our newest cards!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!


In honor of Sisters and Friends

Sunday, August 5th was Sisters Day and Friendship day.  Here are some suggestive items you can give your sister and/or friend whenever for you don’t need a special day to honor them.

Friendship Box by My Sisters Great Idea

So you have this wonderful gift for your friend and/or sister but want a nice box to place it on?  This Big Friendship small gift box is excellent just for that!  Or better yet you could place various memoriable of your friendship to give them for safekeepings!  The other best thing about this box is that its designed by fellow sister-owned company My Sisters Great Idea.

Ashley G Sister Illustration

Just love this illustration titled “Sisters” is so true as it relates to me and Marisa… we might have two different physical bodies but one kindred spirit! You can find other great illustrations of this motif at the Etsy shop of Ashley G.

AP4C Sis Necklace

Let your sister know you love her with this heart beads and birthstone crystals necklace.  You can have your birthstone and your sister’s birthstone be the crystals as the mingle in with the spelling of SIS.  Check out A Planet For Creations site for this and other great jewelry gifts for that sister and/or friend.

Our newly created cards and Zevis truly compliment the gift items mentioned above.  Which we were steadily making Thursday while we fill our local store orders (Will be posting new cards this coming Sunday).

000_2034.jpg  000_2037.jpg

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!