8 Days of Giving – A ZeVin Creations Challenge

It is that time of the year where everyone “SHOULD” be in a giving mood.. and we’d like to encourage our readers to achieve the goal of using their GIVING spirit!  We started this challenge back in 2007 and we had a good response so let’s double the efforts of everyone giving back unto others when people need it the most!

For these 8 Days left before Christmas we want to challenge you to GIVE to others during this season of giving which of course is the true reason of the holiday season.  In my personal opinion, it isn’t about getting all these gifts and spending tons of money but to be with your loved ones and do for others however you can.

These next eight days I’ll post how ZeVin Creations has done something to make a difference in another person’s life.  We will also provide some suggestions on what you can do…  We hope that you our readers will also post or comment on what you did each day…AND in exchange we will randomly select from the comments to get a FREE CARD from us each day (that’s a total of 8 Cards we are giving away).  Can I just repeat — 8 FREE CARDS!

So here are some suggestions –

  1. Shovel snow from your neighbor’s driveway and sidewalk (unfortunately we didn’t get much snow here but hoping)
  2. Volunteer your time to help a local homeless shelter or food pantry
  3. Bake some cookies and/or candy for your postman, garbage man with a card expressing your thanks
  4. Pay for a cup of coffee/tea for the person behind you  at your favorite coffee shop
  5. Put extra money in the parking meter for the next car to park.
  6. And an easy way — just say hello to everyone you see!

Today I put extra money into two parking meters — typically I walk to my yoga course but I was running late so I decided hey since I’m driving I can give the change I had brought for another purpose and put it in the meter longer than my hour class.

Take this time to inspire others to make a difference this holiday season and you’ll in exchange be rewarded within your spirit knowing you impacted someone that wasn’t expecting it!(And possibly a FREE CARD)

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



4 Responses to “8 Days of Giving – A ZeVin Creations Challenge”

  1. sally ann Says:

    I recently saw this website on our local news:

    In this day, with the economy and schools getting the short end of the stick, I think that this is a wonderful holiday opportunity!

    My Choice:

    My mom loves calligraphy and I am excited to tell her on Christmas that instead of buying her something that she really didn’t want or need that I spent the money on this instead! :o) She will be tickled pink :o)

    Even if you can only give a couple of dollars, it all adds up & counts!

  2. Lisa Says:

    I believe in being nice to people, smiling, and just talking to them. Everyone is so hurried and some people are so rude, especially during the holidays. I try to slow down, because enjoying your family and friends, and the moments of a good day, are much better than seeing nothing and only thinking about yourself.

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