Tips on Sending Holiday Greetings – Hanukkah

So with the 3 big winter holidays fastly approaching I thought for the next three weeks I’ll provide tips on sending holiday greetings for a particular holiday. And why not do them on our Teach You Thursday!

This year Hanukkah stars on December 21st — so if you are wanting to send someone a Hanukkah greeting you should have it mailed out no later than December 17th (unless they live right there).

As we always encourage when sending a card incorporate both yours and the recipient’s brand so that it truly becomes a “Gift Within A Card”. So here are some quick things to consider for Hanukkah cards.

Traditional colors – Blue and Silver.
Traditional symbols – Dreidel and Menorah

Now this has appeared in past posts but something that I also mentioned is that you don’t always have to stick with traditional colors or traditional themes so if the recipient loves pink throw in a sprinkle of pink so that it truly reflects them!

Here are some of our current Hanukkah Greetings being retailed
on our Etsy site:

Festival of Lights Greeting

Festival of Lights Greeting
Retro Dreidel Dreidel

Retro Dreidel Dreidel

Enjoy preparing for Hanukkah & Keep Making Gifts Within A Card



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