Inspire Me Tuesday – Hope

So I’ve been posting daily to see that they aren’t on the blog… YIKES… I reckon I forgot to hit publish… So I’m going to attempt to publish them and change their timestamp later today BUT today I want to give you some inspiration.

Hope is the dream of every waking man ~ Aristotle

Hope is the dream of every waking man ~ Aristotle

Please take time to let this quote marinate in your soul and inspire you!  This is so true during the holiday season for me — I hope that all mankind has a wonderful holiday season but I know in my soul that it might not come true.. but that is the great thing about DREAMS — they give you the fire to make them true!  In a few days I’ll be starting a challenge called the 12 Days of Giving so that we can all focus on the real meaning of the holidays which I hope will be my fire to make my dream come true! 

Please take time to comment on how this quote  inspires you!

You can purchase this card at our Etsy Site here later today.

Current Countdown for the Winter Holidays:

12 days till Hanukkah, 16 days till Christmas, 17 days till Kwanzaa

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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