It’s December and we are BACK!

So let’s see what can I say — “I’m Sorry” — I know I have been a TERRIBLE blogger but life really got in the way.  Between teaching Algebra, taking math graduate courses, and being a mother blogging and running a business were not on my list of things to do!  But after some soul searching I’m ready to make room to keep the name ZeVin Creations in the back of your mind!

What a fitting time for us to return – the Winter Holidays!  So please check out the blog daily for I’m going to blog each day and provide tips and information on the glorious winter holidays of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa! 

Just a small update — we don’t have our lovely web site anymore — we are going to try something new during our 5th year of business (YIKES) — we will use our Etsy shop to retail our cards and use the blog to communicate what we’ve posted.  We really weren’t getting sales via the site so why not try a different approach. Hopefully before 2009 we will purchase our domain back and convert the blog to a site…

Thanks for being faithful viewers or new ones!

Keep Making Gifts WIthin A Card!



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