Back to the blog and some news…

I first want to thank you for being patient with our delay in posting — you know I never thought the death would affect me but it did.  And I appreciate you handling with our absence.

While we were absent I (Maranda) got some major news — Starting in July I will be a full-time educator at a local university!!  Not planning on this affecting my ability to handle ZeVin Creations but we will see when school officially starts.  My plans is to do work on cards and stuff on the weekends and still post daily and try to be better organized when handling things.  Wish me luck!

Some good news for ZeVin Creations is we participated in our first Beechmont Farmer’s Market this past Saturday (June 14) and we did pretty good — especially not having as much in inventory as we’d hope.  Our plans are to participate at least twice a month between June and October and have various cards be our focus each time.  We will be launching our summer cards this coming weekend so if your in the Louisville Area please stop by(I’ll put more information up later this week)!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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