Teach You Thursday – Scrap Word Paper

I apologize for posting this so late… things have been busy with my tutoring and work… by being off work 2 days with the sick kiddo I’ve been working longer hours so that I have mola to pay the bills. 

As a cardmaker I find myself wondering what to do when I have some scrap paper with words on it.  Trying to not waste paper or trash it I find some kind of card to make.  Which I hope to show you how to do with today’s tutorial.  In honor of Graduation season I thought I would relate the card to graduates.

Step One: Gather Your Materials (Note materials will differ on this card since it depends on what you have)

Scrap Word Paper Card


Scrap pieces of paper with words on it                         Scrap pieces of coordinating paper                                  Adhesive
Embellishments if desire




Step 2: Layout your papers how you desire on the card

Scrap Word Paper Card layer paper

Using your various paper layer them on the card arranging your word paper so that they are legible to read. As you can see I used a patterned vellum paper for the top portion and my words appear at the bottom of the card.

Step 3: Add your desired embellishments
For me I needed something to serve as a divider between the vellum and the word paper so that the styles flow together. I took some blue cardstock – cut as a strip of ribbon and placed some red brads along it.

And you are done you have a card which uses your scrap word paper in congratulations greeting for the special graduate in your life. What do you think?

Scrap Word Card

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!









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