Inspire Me Tuesday

I hope all is well for all today — I’m still at home with a sick child…. pesky change of the weather makes her so congested. 

Today’s quote card is:

Life Is Sweet Card

Please take time to let this quote marinate in your soul and inspire you! It is very true that life is sweet no matter what you are going through it could be worse you could not be living.  If you are interested in this card you can find it here.

Now our APA Heritage Month Fact for today is based on the Korean Americans.

Estimated 1,406,687 Koreans reside in the United States.  It is stated that the significant initial Korean immigration is occurred on January 13, 1903, when laborers arrived in Hawaii to work on sugar plantations.  January 13 is celebrated as Korean American Day in order to recognize Korean Americans’ impact and contributions.

A unique site I came across has interactive lessons on Korean American which you can view at:  As reading the site I learned that Arirang is a folk song of Korean Americans which is about moving from place to place.  The South Korean government designated Arirang as the official march of the US Army 7th Infantry Division, after its service in Korea during the Korean War.  And besides being a song it later became a Korean film made in 1926 which was considered to be lost in the Korean War.

If you want to listen to the folk song just go to this rendition –

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!




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