Jog Your Memory Monday


I hope all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I didn’t do much for my little one is sick.. her temperature is going up and down due to this wonderful Louisville weather we’ve been having.  We were at a show this past weekend “Beechmont Festival of Flowers” and it was a good time hanging with fellow artists and seeing some of our frequent card buyers! 

While at the show we also got some WONDERFUL News — starting June 14th we will be part of the Beechmont Farmer’s Market.  We can participate as much as we want but we are thinking just every other weekend!  SO it is going to busy around here making sure we have enough cards and are preparing for the event.

Spring Card

Okay now to the theme of the day – the card giving day of this week is :  Armed Forces Day on May 17th.  Take the time to send that special soldier in your life a card letting them know you care and are thankful.  If you don’t know of a solider you can check out the site –  The Spring card above is a great way to wish some a wonderful spring and thank that soldier for all they do.

Now ask yourself — do I need to send some cards out this week?  If the answer is yes you better verify the address, pick a handmade greeting for that special person in your life, and put it in the mail or hand deliver!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card



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