Teach You Thursday: Paper-Vellum Flower

Okay so I know it is FRIDAY but I scheduled this to post yesterday but it didn’t… so before I post my Fab Five Friday post I wanted people to see the tutorial.  I will post Fab Five Friday after 9pm tonight….

I’ve been busy making cards for our first show of the year – The Festival of Flowers!  Which takes place this weekend… so in honor of flowers I wanted to show you how you can take scrap papers and vellum to make a paper vellum flower.

Step One: Gather Your Materials (Note I have enough materials to make a couple of flowers)

Paper Vellum Flower Supplies


Scrap pieces of paper (both solid and patterned)
Scrap piece of vellum (solid or patterned)
A coordinating button
Needle and embroidery floss

Step 2: Make your template flower

Using some scrap paper make your template flower for you to use if you desire.  You don’t have to do this step — you can just draw a flower on your scrap papers.

Step 3: Using your template make at least 3 different flowers

Paper Vellum Flower cutouts

As you can see in the image to the left I cut out three different flowers starting with my solid purple, then I cut the vellum which I made a bit smaller than the solid, and finally I cut the patterned flower which again smaller than the vellum. 

You can cut as many flowers as you want this is your design so if you want more layers you can have them. 



Step 4: Join the flowers together by sewing the button

   Paper Vellum Flower Final Product

Using your needle and some embroidery floss you will sew on the button to your top layer.  Now I sewed through all 3 flowers to attach my button so that I didn’t have to glue the layers together.  You can do whichever method you like.




And you are done you have a paper-vellum flower which you could use and make a card like this:

Paper Vellum Flower Card

Which would make a GREAT card for a mother since Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday!  If you didn’t want to use the flower for a card you could use it for making little flower pins for that special person to wear!  Starting this weekend we will be retailing our paper vellum flowers in our Etsy shop so stay tuned.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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