Jog Your Memory Monday (Happy Cinco De Mayo)

Hello All

I apologize for posting this late — today was the first day of our new session of teaching.  Where I teach we are session based so it is always busy on the first day and I forgot to write my post when I woke up this morning.

First — Happy Cinco De Mayo!  I hope you aren’t partying to much at one in the afternoon!  Later this evening I will post about Cinco De Mayo and why it’s an important date.

Monday’s theme posts will be jogging your memory on what cards you need to send this week.  Since we are in a new month of May I first wanted to start off informing you of dates to send cards in the month:

Dates To Send Cards in May

May- Emerald – Lilly of the Valley

  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Teacher Appreciation Month
  • May 1 – National Day of Prayer
  • May 3 – Kentucky Derby
  • May 5 – Cinco De Mayo
  • May 6 – Teacher Day
  • May 11 – Mother’s Day
  • May 17 – Armed Forces Day
  • May 26 – Memorial Day

Filegre Thanks     Teacher Appreciation Card

The focus related cards for this week are around your Teacher Appreciation — throughout the week if you are a student or a parent please don’t forget to let the Teacher in your life know how important they are to you.  You can do this with a simple Thank you card (remember last Thursday had a tutorial on how to make your own Thank You card with scraps!) 

The two cards above are on our Etsy Site and would be great for giving your teacher as a form of thanks!

Now ask yourself — do I need to send some cards out this week?  If the answer is yes you better verify the address, pick a handmade greeting for that special person in your life, and put it in the mail or hand deliver!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!




One Response to “Jog Your Memory Monday (Happy Cinco De Mayo)”

  1. Anna Says:

    Great idea for Mondays! I have a memory problem, so I really appreciate this! 🙂 Thanks!

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