Why Send Cards During Spring Part 2

So I’ve been busy packing up studio stuff for the move — that’s right folks we will have a new home this weekend!  At the same time preparing for my final in my lovely Group Theory class…. YIKES!

We only have 2 mores days left for the Poetry Giveaway Contest – Country Meadow!  So get your poem or quote related to the words and post in the comment area.  You can read more here.

Today I wanted to discuss why you should send cards during the spring again.  If you remember reason 1 was to Seize the opportunity to rekindle or renew relationships. 

The Seasons Spring Card #1  Celebrate Spring Card on Etsy

Reason # 3 – Wish someone a Spring blessings. Take time to encourage someone to welcome in the season with a card that celebrates Spring! Not only will it remind them of what is fastly approaching or taking place, but it will uplift their spirits with the vibrant and welcoming colors.

I know this is really needed here in our fluctuating weather in KY — one minute we are HOT and then the next FREEZING temperatures…. So we’ve sent a couple pick-me up spring themed cards to some family members to give them a reminder it is spring.

The two cards above are our newest additions to ZeVin Creations’ site as well our Etsy Site.  If you notice we’ve moved our occassional style cards over to Etsy so that we can make our main site geared for our artistic style cards.  While you are at either site don’t forget to purchase your Mother’s Day card — only 27 more days left till you can honor the mother-figure(s) in your life!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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