Why Send Cards during Spring – Part I

As you know, April is the month of Everything Spring.   For the next couple of posts, I want to take the time to provide some tips on why to send cards during the Spring season. 

Why Send Cards during Spring:

Reason #1 – Seize the opportunity to rekindle or renew relationships. Spring is the sign of rebirth/renewal so use a card to let someone you haven’t talked to know you are thinking of them, to revive a friendship/bond, or better yet just to let someone know how much they mean to you. Not only does a card express your thoughts of someone but during this season it can awaken a part of someone’s spirit that has been bothered during the winter months!

 Newest MOM card posted on our Etsy Site.

This tip is a great way to launch our cards for Mother’s Day – can you believe it is 32 days away from honoring the person used as a vessel to bring us in this world!  You know it’s weird but I didn’t really get into Mother’s Day until I was a mother — naturally I would give tribute and honor to my mother but never really valued the day as much (guess different when you have one of your own).

We are participating in a few different events related to Mother’s Day:

  • Etsy Greetings Mother of All Promotions – Free Shipping on Mother’s Day cards with purchase of any other card in our Etsy Shop.  You can learn more about Etsy Greetings here.
  • You can check out our Mother’s Love card which is part of the Mother’s Day Gift Guide by Purple Pink and Orange.
  • Our first show of the 2008 season will be on May 10, 2008 at the Beechmont’s Festival of Flowers so make sure to stop by and get your last minute Mother’s Day cards.
  • Stay tuned for a few more events to take place.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!




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