April is Here, Let’s Cheer!

It is SPRING – wow April is here let’s cheer!

April is the month of Everything Spring. Spring is a beautiful season as it relates to our environment but as well when you relate it to your life, and in KY spring time is “Derby Time”. With that being said you will see us post cards for Mother’s Day, Kentucky (Louisville) Pride, graduation, and just for the season. We are going to attempt to do something new — make a card or two a day so you will see what cards we made daily – now I won’t lie but we will be moving residences in a few weeks so somedays you will see 1 card.

The contest for Women’s History Month is posted and ready for people to participate until April 4th, which you can read about here. In honor of Spring being the time of reflection and rebirth, I’m going to have a weekly contest for the month — so this will increase our reader’s chances at getting some great prizes. I will also each day leave you with a quote or poem in honor of Poetry Month.

The card shown in this post is a new card I created last night — I love this quote “Life Is Sweet” for it really is and how better to start our Spring posts reminding you to enjoy this season and your life! You can read more about this card on our Etsy site.

Key Dates to Send Cards for April:

  • Poetry Month, Mathematics Awareness Month
  • 04/20-04/27 – Passover
  • Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May 11th
  • Upcoming Events & Appearances

    As of right now we aren’t scheduled for any shows in April but stay tuned. We have sent some promos to some upcoming shows which we will post soon.

    Truly embrace Spring & Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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