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The Caring WomanHope all is enjoying their Friday!  I’m glad it is here for this weekend I have to look at apartments and hopefully will be able to narrow down my selection of where I’m relocating — if you didn’t know we are moving out of our lovely flood-attracting house… and the studio is going with me — so I have to find something JUST right.

 Today I wanted to do some mentions of women who have impacted our society via the Health field.  I recently saw a post on The Switchboards relating to Breast Cancer Awareness and we are going to donate something to the event so my mind reflected on how our cards “The Caring Woman” (shown to the right) could really impact people as reminders to get health checkups, to encourage someone going through a health-related issue, and just to show how much you care for others.  The flowers differ per order for it just depends on what we have on hand but ultimately the express the same sentiment!

Here are some important women that have impacted our society’s health:

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to graduate from medical school (M.D.)(graduated first in her class ) and a pioneer in educating women in medicine.  As the first woman physician (doctor), she founded the New York Infirmary for Women and Children in 1857, and the Women’s Medical College in 1867.

Mae Jemison is known for being one of the elite women to ventur into space via NASA but did you know she was also a doctor and the work she did in space related to health?  Dr. Jemison was the science mission specialist on STS-47 Spacelab-J (September 12-20, 1992).  Dr. Jemison was a co-investigator on the bone cell research experiment flown on the mission.  Besides participating in NASA she did extensive work with the Peace Corps and other medical related organizations.

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