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These past couple of days have been hectic with a sick child and us having to finish our taxes so that we can ensure that we get that lovely refund check on time!  (If you didn’t know you have to file your 2007 taxes in order for your refund from the government this summer).  But now everything is in order and our lovely accountant has all the paperwork — it took me longer to get things in order for I had issues per one of my w2’s but typically things would of been done in Jan and the partnership would of filed earlier….  I just want to say that after looking over our 2007 expenses and earnings — YIKES!  It can truly make a person not setup a business but that is the glorious thing about being an entreprenuer — you have to be willing to take risks and ride the wave of business.

Today I want to stay on that course and discuss Women and Business — feature some of the key women historymakers in business.

Mary Fields, aka: Stagecoach Mary (1832-1914) – Born as a slave in Tennessee, Fields was one of the first women entrepreneurs, stagecoach drivers, pioneers of the American West.  Living by her wits and strength, she became known, as a hard drinker, a notorious brawler, a cigar smoker and one of the wildest women of her time.  The pistol-packing muscular, six-foot tall woman drew attention wherever she went and was constantly re-inventing herself as a successful entrepreneur.  Over the years, she ran several restaurants in a number of towns in Montana,Wyoming, and southern Canada. Never married, she found her ideal job in 1895 when she became a U.S. mail coach driver for the Cascade County region of central Montana. Given the limitations society placed on her by her skin color and gender, Fields stands out as a woman who was far ahead of her times during those adventurous days of the Old West. (quoted from The Complete of Historical Women)

Cathleen Black – Black began her career selling ads for magazines like Holiday and Travel & Leisure before joining New York magazine in 1970. She helped launch Ms. magazine two years later and rose to associate publisher.   Black made history in 1979 by becoming the first woman publisher of a weekly consumer magazine. Since taking the reins of this publishing giant, she has revitalized some of its most popular titles. In 2004, the company made $1.6 billion in advertising revenue.   (quoted from Infoplease article on Wonder Women)

Muriel “Mickey” Siebert  – Siebert attended Western Reserve University (now known as Case Western) but dropped out after two years when her father got cancer. In 1954 she arrived in New York City with $500 to search for a job. She was hired as a trainee research analyst at the Wall Street firm Bache & Co. She later worked as an analyst at a number of firms.  In 1967 she became the first woman to purchase a seat on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). For ten years she was the only female among the 1,366 members. In 1969 she became the first woman to own and operate a brokerage firm that belonged to the NYSE, Muriel Siebert & Co, now Siebert Financial Corp. (quoted from Infoplease article on Wonder Women)

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