Women & Faith – Day Two


I first apologize for just now posting for day two of the women and faith series — we experienced MORE flooding of our basement…. I will post pictures this weekend of it all … but we had so much water this time that we can’t use our furnace for it is having a hard time to kick out heat.

Today is considered “Maundy Thursday” of the Holy Week for Easter.  “Maundy Thursday” commemerates the Last Supper between Jesus and the Apostles, the washing of the Disciples’ feet by Jesus,  the  capture of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, and Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus.

Prayer SilhoutteFor the Women & Faith series, I want to focus today on women who displayed faith during the time of Jesus.

Mary Magdalene – Faithful Friend – During this period, the name Mary was very common so to  distinguish Mary from all others she was referred to as “The Magdalene”, which identifies her as being born in Magdala.  Being delivered from her tormenting captors, Mary became a disciple of Jesus, to whom she showed great love and devotion. Along with other women, Mary gave both personal and financial support to the ministry of Jesus, following Him from place to place in his missionary activities.  (quoted from the site History’s Women)

Lydia – First Christian Convert in Europe – Lydia was a businesswoman that relocated from Thyatira to the city of Phillipi which is known as one of the first labors of Paul (famous Apostle) in Europe.  After converting to a Christian, Lydia opened her home for Christian meetings (aka church) and the attendees along with her became Paul’s biggest supporters as he continued his missionary work.

The card featured in the post is one of a series of cards we designed in the summer of 2007 while we participated in the National Black Arts Festival.  We still have this one and are planning on bringing the series back. 

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card



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