Women & Faith – Day One

Angel FuschiaAll this week various people are celebrating “Holy Week” with Easter being this coming Sunday.  For the next couple of days I want to honor Women of Faith that have affected persons in the world as a tribute to the “Holy Week”.  I will also discuss the importance of these next couple of days as they relate to “Holy Week”.

Lottie Moon, Missionary to China – Giving was a principle Lottie advocated to others, and one which she lived throughout her thirty-nine years of missionary service in China.  Lottie and her sister were part of the first group of single women permitted to perform mission work in foreign countries with her first mission trip to Tengchow, China in 1873 as a teacher.  Some of Lottie’s efforts include the advocation against foot binding for girls, the development of giving toward foreign missions week prior to Christmas, and the development of more male missionaries in China.

Pandita Rambai, Defender of Child Widows – Ramabai became a lecturer, advocating the education of women and the repudiation of the custom of child marriages.  Unlike many Hindu women during her life, Pandita was blessed to have a father who believed in the education of women – at an early age she was able to repeat from memory 23,000 verses of Hindu Shastras. Due to her experience the death of her husband and becoming a single mother she experienced discrimination by fellow Indians and after various trainings and living in other countries – Pandita went back to India opening a school for child-widows whom, during times of famine, were turned out to die or be picked up by surly men to lead them into a life of shame.

Clara Hale, Greatness Through Caring – As problems associated with drug abuse exploded in the Harlem community, Mrs. Hale’s family implored her to take action. Within six months, she had 22 babies of heroin-addicted women in her five-room apartment. Soon, she had helped establish a home for infants addicted before birth. It was the first–and only known program–in the U.S. designed to deal with infants born addicted to illegal drugs.  “Mother” Hale had cared for over 500 children at Hale House.

The card featured above is one of our Angels series – I truly believe the women of faith mentioned above are angels to the people they encountered.   

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