March Greetings

Happy Belated beginning of March.  I know I totally left everyone hanging for Black History Month but we had several things happen in the lovely world of ZeVin Creations – let’s see our studio area has experienced 3 wonderful floods which in exchange made me sick for I have terrible allergies… SUCKS!  We lost some supplies and have basically had to move our entire studio upstairs in a total shambles right now… I’m too embaressed to show a picture of our mess…  but as always you dust off and start all over again which is what we are going to do starting today March 14th!

March is the month of Women & Faith – with Easter and Women History month all in one month! This month our featured cards will come from our Celebrate Women and Heritage Collections.   The focus cards for these next couple of weeks will be geared for Spring Celebrating the new Season, Derby, Mother’s Day, and Graduations. We will post new cards as they are designed which will typically take place on the weekends and naturally you will see them featured here on the blog. 

In honor of Women History Month we will be having a contest built upon various facts we will be putting here on the blog. The facts will be posted March 14 – March 28 and the actual contest will be ready March 29th.   We are gathering prizes now so stay tuned for the sponsors to be listed.

Key Dates to Send Cards for March & April:

  • 3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day
  • 3/20 – Spring Equinox
  • 3/20 – 3/22 – Purim
  • 3/23 – Easter Sunday
  • 4/20 – 4/27 – Passover

As always thank you for being a reader of Making Gifts Within A Card and dealing with our absence!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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