Happy Valentine’s Day – sorry late


Valentines for Feb 2008So I totally meant to post this earlier in the morning but I stayed up all night doing my homework and overslept  so just now able to post our Valentine Wishes for fellow readers.

The image at the beginning of the post is the valentines I made for my daughter to take to school for her Valentine’s party –> the card on the left is just layering of paper and foam hearts with the word HUGS; in the center is the valentine’s my little one gave her classmates which was a paper hear with foam heart and then a sucker; finally to the right is a layering of paper with metal formed word sweetheart with a shaker heart.

 frontyardmajorsnowfeb08.jpgWe have been under various weather issues like tornadoes, flooding, and then some major snow here in KY so I haven’t been able to write… but now that Valentines is almost over we will be starting the Black History Month Facts for a contest to take place at the end of the month!(All starts Friday, Feb 15th).  Here is a beautiful picture I took before playing in the snow with my little one…we are totally experiencing Winter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day and I’ll write more later!



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