Love & History

Today is the beginning of a new leaf – ZeVin Creations is off their sabbatical and ready to do business and focus(Part of our Ash Wednesday goal).  We are finally adjusted to the concept of having various tasks taking place during a normal day which include work, school and having families!  What better month for us to get back on track — February — the month of love and history! 

Do you want to hear some irony — last year Zevin took grasp of the blog the second week of February — hmmm must be a pattern we take — a full month off after the holidays to regroup?? 

During the lovely month of February we will have various things taking place on the blog like the 7 Days of LOVE, Chinese New Year fun, Black History Month Tips, and a contest in honor of Black history month!  So please start getting back into the swing of reading our posts and participating in our contests.

I personally can’t wait for our readers to see the new projects/products ZeVin is working which we will start promoting this month in honor of Black History Month.

Have a wonderful Ash Wednesday!



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