Last Day of 2007

Winter Silver Snowflake

Can you believe it is December 31, 2007???  In about 11 hours it will be 2008 — I’m sure people are like me working on those last minutes goals for 07 OR making your list of goals/resolutions for 2008.  Today’s card of the day is one of our winter cards since we are officially in the winter season(got that reminder this morning with frost on my car).

I’ve been busy spending time with family/friends and ORGANIZING my house — which is why you haven’t seen me.. but things are back to normal now.

Tommorrow while me and my little one are home we will be working on her thank you notes to send to people for her holiday gifts.  So these next couple of days I want to get you in the swing of sending cards (preferably handmade/handwritten) for 2008.  And why not start with Thank You cards to express your appreciation of the gifts/time you got from fellow friends and family. 

For the rest of the week we will focus on posts related to thank you notes and how you can prepare to be a card sender for all occassions/events in your life during 2008.

Your action item for today is:

Make a list of who all you got gifts/cards/or spent time with this holiday season.

In that list I want you to put down their name, what you got from them (or when you spent time with them), and think of how this gift or time spent will impact you.  Note this also includes what your little one’s got as gifts for you are going to also instill into them the tradition of sending a thank you note whenever they get something from someone.

Upcoming post: Selecting the right Thank You Note; What to write inside your note; Other tips related to Thank You Notes


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