Ahh time to relax – just a little

Good Morning

I first want to say thank you for participating in the 8 Days of Giving Challenge.  I pray that it inspires all to try to give back often – I know I’m going to try to do something weekly to give back and at least blog about ways you can do a random act of kindness with cards or even in general.  Not sure if you noticed the coments but if you have time review what everyone did or experienced!  To all that participated I’ll be mailing out your free card this weekend.

And I forgot to post what I did on Monday — I finished my handmade creations(which I didn’t remember to take pictures of before handing out)… And gave some extra money to the Salvation Army… and we gave our postlady her present of thanks!

Now that the Christmas stres has passed it is time to prepare for the new year — plan shows to apply for, get finances for 2007 documented, and work on goals for 4th year!  I am glad that I’m off these next couple of days so that I can achieve some of the big goals and clean our messy studio and temporary studio(our family room)… Over the next couple of posts I’ll also be discussing how you can implement sending cards within your new year’s resolutions – starting now after getting your holiday gifts.  Now I’m off to get a little bit of rest…

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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