8 Days of Giving – Day 4

I hope all have taken time today to give back to someone else!  As you know on Monday we started our 8 Days of Giving ChallengeYesterday we had a comment about helping a neighbor in distress and recently had a comment on something that wasn’t even planned!  I like those type of giving opportunities – for it catches you off card.. what are you going to do react positive or negative.  The comment from yesterday is the winner of our free card for Day 3 so check your email!


Can you believe it is Day 4 and we only have 4 more days for the challenge to take place… It is actually kind of interesting reading people’s opportunities — so maybe this is something I can do again in 2008….  For today I finished my tree branch moving project!  Man it was hard today for these were the BIG branches…. my landlords stopped me this morning for they were like did you do that pile of branches — and I said yes I did.  They were like ohh you didn’t have to for we were going to pay those boys to do it.. for they were going to pay them. but they were like thanks so much. The picture of the pile is to the left…. it’s amazing how back in the day they use to do this no problem — I kind of felt like them women in the movie Cold Mountain when I was dragging them up to the driveway…

 Today I want to offer suggestions that encourage you to “Give the Gift that Changes Lives” – a gift that will make a major impact on our world or someone’s life.  You know in our world’s current state of poverty, suffering environments, and fueding  countries – we all need to share our wealth be it with our finances, time, or talents.  The inspiring thing about sharing your wealth is it taps into our quality of selfishness  — we do things because we WANT to do it… we select things that we are passionate about and sense need some form of healing!

  • Give money to a charity or organization that you are passionate about.
  • Donate your time and talents by volunteering with a non-profit organization.
  • Change your life a little bit so that your footprint on the earth isn’t as damaging.
  • Use your time on the internet as a way to help fund an initiative world-changing.

Here are some interesting sites I’ve come across:

  1. Etsy artist – Ellochka – is donating 20% of her sales to an animal shelter.  There are tons of artists/crafters out here who like to give back to their favorite cause which you can do searches on.
  2. If you are unsure of who a person would want you to give their financial gift to you can check out the site Just Give where they allow you to buy certificates to give to the recipient and allow them to pick their cause.
  3. The Seva Foundation – is a non-profit organization that with donations restores vision for a Himalayan or educates a Native American tribe on growing traditional foods. 
  4. Naturally our soldiers need emotional support – take from me who has a couple of friends over there – Any Soldier – provides contact information for you to send items to a soldier.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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