8 Days of Giving Challenge – Day 2

Good Morning

 I hope all have taken time today to give back to someone else!  As you know yesterday we started our 8 Days of Giving Challenge and had two comments submitted which was GREAT and man they did some great things for others anonymous and those they know.  Since they we only had submissions they both get a free card from ZeVin Creations!(If your reading this check your email for we sent you a little something)

I did my giving back early this morning before leaving for work… You see this past Saturday we had terrible sleet/rain/snow mix with major wind – well we live on a good amount of land with our landlord and have tons of trees… well the weather was to much for a couple of the evergreens (pine trees I think) on my landlord’s property.  They are an elderly couple and they had mentioned they would get these college kids to move them next week…. well I began the transporting of the branches for them… It was dark still so I wasn’t for sure how much I would be able to carry or transport in the car but I moved majority of the big branches from one tree and started on the small ones.  My goal is to have them all moved to the back driveway area by Friday so then they won’t be in the way.  I think on Saturday between me working on my holiday gifts I’m going to try to move the big branches to our back acres to try to make a dwelling for the little critters we have lingering on the land(especially the rabbits so they can hid from my labrador)….

Now here are some suggestions for today:

  • Donate food to an homeless shelter OR buy some groceries/coffee for an homeless person!
  • Pay for a random stranger’s meal!
  • Take your co-workers a special treat — that you made!
  • Anytime a thought of generosity comes about – act on it!

T is For Thanks Pink FlowerBesides trying to hunt down for those holiday gifts — yes I admit I haven’t done ANY shopping — I’m going to start the change of our website so that our occassional cards are retailed via the ETSY shop(The goal is to add a card a day).  This will make the site focused on Celebrate Women, Heritage, Pride and the Seasons Collections…. We are still debating on if we should stop making the Zevi’s/ABCs collections or not… People like them but they don’t buy them… I personally want to keep with them and make them our wholesale cards…

The card to the left was just added to our Etsy Shop and it will be today’s Card of the day.  One of our new blog goals for our 4th year is to highlight a card a day from either our site or the Etsy site… since I’m kicking off using the Etsy site I thought I’d show this rather than a holiday card.  Now you know you have to send out some Thanks after you open up all your holiday gifts so this would make a great card to express your gratitude!  You can purchase it here.

Have a wonderful day & Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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