I know I’m a terrible blog owner….

I haven’t blogged or anything and this is the season to really be encouraging people to send cards… but what can I say between work, work, and being a mother I just haven’t had a chance to blog.  My morning starts around 5:30 am with an hour of yoga – getting my child and self ready for school, then work till about 5 or 6 depending on how many students I have to tutor, feed everyone, then in the bed we go… literally drained by 9ish….

So here is my goal starting Saturday – December 15th — I’m going to blog everything in my head and put things on a scheduler so that I don’t let ZeVin’s blog readers down.  I have so many ideas for blogs/giveaways in my head so I think everything will be okay …especially with me starting college in about 3 weeks… that’s right folks I’m going to work my way towards getting another degree… in math that is… for those that don’t know my background is in computers and art but have all these math classes under my belt and my job and tutoring deals with math so why not get a master’s in math…

So stay tuned for posts to restart Saturday – Dec 15th — I have to get back to work…

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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