Where is Maranda????

I know that is what our lovely readers are saying…. I’m here just overwhelmed at the current moment…. I have to admit… we had the Thomas Jefferson Winter Fair show which consumed my time for I had work, then make cards, and then my tutoring… I’ve been a BUSY person.  So on Sunday I crashed and then just now able to sit down and type up a post.. And I feel SO bad for Hanukkah started on the 4th and I didn’t get to post a wish for our readers that partake in the Hanukkah traditions….

I really apologize — I’m working on my daily schedule so that I keep on task with my responsibilities as the writer for this blog… just a little overwhleming…  I can tell you that tonight I will get the site updated with cards we didn’t retail at Winter Fair for people to purchase so stay tuned for a post about them….

 Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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