Cranking them out….

Well both me and Marisa are going on like 2-3 hours of sleep today…. we stayed up making cards… I just about finished the Hanukkah cards I wanted to make (all except 2)… and she cranked out some sets and some fun cards using embellishments we had just lingering around… you know at the end of 2006 we went through clearance racks and purchased all this discounted holiday items… not knowing what we would do with them…but the ephinay hit around 2AM this morning…

So like I wanted to start doing a post that would be specifically geared at showing a card a day related to the Featured Cards or any particular new card we’ve designed… but since we are cranking out tons of cards right now I’m going to wait till next week when things calm down… for now here are some of the cards designed in the wee hours and will be posted later tonight…

Driedel Driedel RetroA retro way to celebrate Hanukkah – Do you remember the dreidel song?

Festival of Lights 

I love this card and I might have to take a special picture of it so you can see the colors give this warm feeling about Hanukkah and the Menorah – very sophisticate… This was a spin of one we made last year.. but different colorings and words…

Peace Dove

And this card is a fun way to wish someone a peaceful holidays… I also made a similar style card with Shalom on it….

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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