Talk about being in a crunch…

So back in September we applied for a show and found out we were put on the waiting list.  I was suppose to call and verify if we could still participate on Saturday but time got in the way and I forgot… and Sunday we got a call from the coordinator and we are in the show!  What show you ask….

The Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church Winter Fair which takes place this coming Friday and Saturday(click on the link to learn more)!  So can you say we are in a CRUNCH period for we really don’t have much cards to sale at a show especially when you do the aspect of what you need to make for the show to be profitable.  Which means the booth is $100 so we need to sale at minimum 20 cards… and we want to profit so we want to provide at least 100 cards at this show for retail…


With that being said I didn’t get to finish up my post on tips so I will post that tommorrow(11/28).  In the meantime I will begin our countdown for the holidays posts so that you get to see what cards we are making for the show and posting on the site.  For the next couple of weeks we will be posting cards which I’ll add to the site the night of the post – so the site will constantly be updated with new cards for you to purchase.  I’ll also be having a giveaway starting tommorrow for each purchase made from the site and another giveaway based on comments provided on a topic.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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