Countdown to Hanukkah- 7 days away

Can you believe the holidays are approaching so quick?  Well the first of the winter holidays is Hanukkah which runs from the evening of December 4th – December 12th.

The plan is for the next 2 weeks I’m going to post various articles related to Haunkkah – describe the holiday and traditions, give some quick tidbits that I’ve come across, and inspire you to wish someone a Hanukkah blessing via a card. 

Back in the summer I did a short post on Hanukkah where I mentioned some key things to consider when selecting a Hanukkah card.  I just wanted to list them again:

  1. Traditional colors – Blue and Silver.
  2. Traditional symbols –  Dreidel and Menorah

Now that we are retailing our cards with a local synagogue I’ve since learned that you don’t always have to stay with the traditional colors nor symbols.  So we’ve designed traditional cards and then some non-traditional cards.  As a person that likes to come up with her own designs the non-traditional has been interesting as it relates to embellishments.  The key providers of embellishments (particularly scrapbooking) have the traditional focus so you see tons of blue’s and silver’s… which inspired me to design some of my own embellishments for a couple of the cards I’m making.  Up till yesterday we had sold just about all of our Hanukkah cards so I’m working on a new batch with the goal of having them done tonight so they ship in time.

Here is a sneak peak of what I’ll be posting on ZeVin’s website tonight(Mind you these are the snapshots I have to enhance and crop them for the site).

Hanukkah Set

This will be a 4 card set of Hanukkah cards which uses metallic papers(blues), two types of ribbon, and wooden dreidels displaying two symbols.  I’m going to discuss dreidels in an upcoming post.  I did two of the same dreidel just alternated the color of the papers.

Here are some closeups:

Closeup of Hanukkah set Closeup of Hanukkah Set


Happy Hanukkah yellow and blue I love this card!  I wanted to make the yellows in the candles stand out so I took yellow and blue as the background and some scrap patterned paper with all the key colors as vertical bars… and then this glittery menorah sticker I came across as the focus for the card.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!


COMING SOON: Tips on sending Thank You Notes, Story of Hanukkah


2 Responses to “Countdown to Hanukkah- 7 days away”

  1. Father John Minkler Says:

    Thanks your post is funny.
    I like your site..

  2. David Dutton - Greeting Card Business Says:

    I saw your site when I was searching for greeting cards.

    Like the pictures by the way.


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