ZeVin Creations Year 4 Goals

So we are ready to let our readers know some of ZeVin Creations’ goals for year 4.

Our Mission: We want to be the “Martha Stewart” of cards and provide culturally inspired gifts within a card.  At the same time educate people on how cards can be used for all occassions, holidays, and cultures.

Our Focus:  We will be slimming down our collection line so that we focus on our mission via the main site and blog.  We are going to use our Etsy site as a way to still retail everyday style occasional cards.

Now we’ve sat down and figured out how we will achieve our mission and focus across 4 categories which include Product, Finances, Marketing/Public Relations, and  Business.  I have to say that talks with fellow thriving cardmakers, reading some interesting books for entreprenuers, and us really thinking of what we want to do aided in the development of our goals.  Naturally we are going to keep these goals to ourselves since we don’t want all of our business out on the street.  One thing I can tell you is that we will be establishing a blog schedule so that our readers will get use to seeing certain things within the month.  Some of the new features include the provision of tips on sending certain cards, our guest bloggers, reviving our suggestive gift items for certain holidays, our Green Earth Tips, and some other new special posts!

I know that these changes will allow us to reach our goals which in the end will server our readers and customers better!

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card



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