In the spirit of Thanksgiving….

I hope that all had a pleasant Thanksgiving and are preparing for the holiday season.   

In yesterday’s post – I referenced how I take Thanksgiving as a time to reflect what I’m grateful for… well it is also a time to Express your gratitude for special people in your life.

I want to encourage you to take this Thanksgiving season to reflect on people that impacted your life during 2007 and send them a special card Thanking them for that impact.  So before I start focusing on posts related to the Winter Holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa) — I am going to do a few posts about sending Thank You Cards.  I hope these posts will also inspire you to send a little form of appreciation after getting various forms of gifts this holiday season.

I’m going to be adding a new feature to the blog – Guest Blogging.  I’ve gotten several searches about tips on what to put inside cards pertaining to the occassion/holiday so we will be featuring posts related to this concept.  Well the first post related to sending Thank You Cards will provide insight on what words to use inside your Thank You Card.

The second post of this series will be on the etiquette of sending a Thank You style card.  It will mention when to send one and best practices on sending it.

Enjoy your holiday shopping! Check back for our series of Thank You posts as well our post about ZeVin Creations 4th year goals!



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