National Recognition – November 2006

As you know these past couple of posts are to honor ZeVin Creations reaching their 300th post and the ending of our 3rd year… Well this post is to recap year 3 which is when we got some national recognition.

October 2006 we had gotten an email about HGTV “That’s Clever” coming to the Kentuckiana region and would love for us to apply — thinking man this is a mass marketed email NO WAY… but then days later ZeVin Creations gets a personal email from an agent for the producers of the show citing specific cards they had seen on the website and would like us to apply…. So I take it in and watch the show and finally while vending at the St. James Court Art Show with our fellow Louisville Craft Mafia family I designed a couple of cards related to Kwanzaa… I knew for sure I wanted to stand out back then….

To make a long story short — Maranda’s designs were selected and the filming logistics were in process… We were in total state of shock… how exciting to know that we were blessed with this form of recognition… Maranda got tons of advice from her favorite forum The Switchboards on how to use this recognition to ZeVin’s advantage especially with the local media and put together her first press release… which lead to some great local exposure…we were like little celebrities…. (You can read the story on our HGTV Feature page on the site).

We spent majority of the 3rd year as a way to market the recognition our designs got and a mini-promotion of the company.  In every show application we provided one of the articles about the cards as well a slide of those designs… Then at every show we took a framed version of the local paper cover feature on ZeVin Creations!  The framed version added the talking piece for our booth for visitors would ask questions or want to mention how they read it….

The 3rd year also embarked us doing our first National and out-of-state show.  During one of my late night web surfing activities I came across a site for the National Black Arts Festival… well after a convincing discussion we applied… full of nerves right before mailing it off…. Well we got into their International Vendor Marketplace… What an experience!  Participating in this venue made ZeVin Creations Step up and Come out of our shells… we were finally becoming a real business… we got marketing promos(pencils), we invested in our booth, put together a business plan so that we could get investors from our family and friends… this was a big experience and we were very grateful for it!

In the realm of shows — the NBAF let us know it was time to branch out and try to do some more out of state shows… so I traveled to O’Fallon, IL and DC … had plans for another show but got sick so couldn’t make it.

Now in terms of this lovely blog — man year 3 is when the blog got taken seriously… we realized that in order to get online exposure we needed to do stuff online so I made it a habit to blog often which has turned into a daily venture.  The blog has hosted a few different contests/giveaways, provided tips as they relate to card-giving and being Green, informed our readers on key days/months in the year that associated with other cultures, and given our readers a up-close and personal view of who ZeVin Creations is.  From another online presence perspective — we changed our site tremendously by grouping our cards into collections and making a design that reflects ZeVin.

I personally have to say that year 3 has been full of milestones for ZeVin Creations and taught us many lessons for year 4.

Coming Soon: Cards from year 3, Goals for year 4


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