The Very First Show – December 2005

As you know these past couple of posts are to honor ZeVin Creations reaching their 300th post and the ending of our 3rd year… One of today’s post will reflect on year two in which we started doing shows…

Now by the end of our first year we had a few repeat customers whom would purchase our cards and we had begun looking for stores to carry our cards… but tons of people asked us if we would ever do a show.   One day as I was sitting at work I found out about the Christmas Gift Show that took place at the Louisville Fairgrounds… it was supposedly a BIG event…. I had just gotten my bonus check and after talking with Marisa we decided to do it… which gave us a few weeks to crank out TONS of holiday themed cards…. with one being our Custom Card from Santa….We had a theme for the 2005 holiday cards — they were related to songs… when you see the images of our second year of cards you can catch on… but we had cards related to Jingle Bells(LOVE THAT CARD), Deck the Halls, etc…

The show was 3 days long and I have to say that for being our first show we learned a lot of things.  The first day we just laid our cards out on the table and maybe sold about 5 cards all custom order Santa Cards!  But we had lovely neighbors (sister-owned business) that took us by the hand and said alright girls if you want to sell at this event you need to have things displayed properly and use your space wisely.   So on day two we pulled things up and used our space wisely and put the custom santa card up on a board for retail and that gave us more sales.  By day three we were exhausted and had TONS of cards left over for we had cranked out tons of them… thankfully we made some key network connections such as a lady that had all this ribbon she just gave it to us!  It turned out we had another show the upcoming week so we did sale those extra cards and still had some for us to send or retail in 2006.

During the Christmas Gift Show we met others who did the show circuit and they gave us insights on what shows to do during 2006.  We ended up doing over 20+ shows in 2006 and some were good and some were bad but each one taught us something or let us connect with fellow artists/crafters in the Louisville/KY region.  By doing various shows we figured out that we needed to participate in JURIED shows for there people would appreciate our work and not question the prices…

Also during the 2nd year we experienced our first HUGE custom order which started out exciting but ended in frustration and never wanting to do custom orders again.  Let me just say that the lessons learned from that custom experience was to have contracts with people and heavily stress that everything is HANDMADE so it won’t be like a Mass-Produced item.

By the end of the 2nd year we were retailed in 3 stores on consignment, became members of the Louisville Craft Mafia, developed a nice website, and we had a little bit of a following for our product.  All in All the 2nd Year of ZeVin Creations was a good year.

Coming Soon:  Second Year Cards, National Recognition – November 2006 (begin of year 3), Goals for Year 4


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