First Year Cards

Here are a couple of the cards we made in the first year…. (Funny thing we didn’t take many pictures of cards we made the first year – so thankfully we had a few extras floating around… reminds me to contact those initial card customers or recipients for me to get pictures – I think ZeVin is going to make a scrapbook)

First ZeVin Creations CardThis is the very first card we retailed.  It is the prototype so don’t be worried we did use vellum tape so it didn’t show on the final products… It was fun making for we learned how to turn transparency into a card…

First Card InsideNow here is the inside of the first card — our experiment with embossing… man Marisa tried various ways to get it to work and finally she did and it was like an assembly line in the house making these… I have to say she did the embossing…

These are two of our very first holiday cards… Marisa kept at the embossing thing and even took a class on it with rubber stamping…..

First Year Holiday CardFirst Year Holiday Card 2

Coming Soon:  The Very First Show – December 2005 (begin of year 2), National Recognition – November 2006 (begin of year 3), Goals for Year 4


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