300th Post and 3rd Anniversary

You read the subject of today’s post correct… As of today November 15, 2007 ZeVin Creations has compiled 300 posts and embarks their 3 year anniversary of existence!  I know I personally can’t believe that I’ve written that many posts in the past year… WOW and better yet I hit that post the same month of our 3 year existence…

Not many people know the history of ZeVin Creations so I wanted to briefly discuss how ZeVin Creations came into existence and I’m going to highlight this in 2-3 different posts for I need to show you how much we have transformed in the past 3 years.  What I plan on doing is write the highlight points show you how our cards changed over the years to be what they are now and discuss some future goals of ZeVin Creations.

Stay Tuned…


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