Somewhere between Servers and Sickness

Hello — I know I’ve been a stranger these past couple of days.. but between the server issue and catching a form of crop from my lovely daughter I just haven’t had the blog feeling… but now I’m breathing better with limited coughs and have the site back up… although it has to be completely updated which I’ll be doing tonight.  You know I read somewhere that when you are sick it is best to just not blog for at least you won’t be writing posts that are loopy…. so I didn’t want the readers to percieve my drowsiness so I just stayed away….

I have so much to update you all about but the first thing I want to mention is I’ve sent an email to the winner of the “Lost Art Of Letter Writing” contest… so check your emails.  I really appreciate all of those that participated by posting your comments on the article!  And I hope that it encouraged you to at least send one handwritten note or card to someone!

One thing that did take place while the servers were down wa

s that I designed the 2008 Card from Santa!  I’ll be posting it online for people to place orders no later than tommorrow morning but I wanted you to see what they look like.  We are retailing them locally at The Giggles Program kiosk in Jefferson Mall and Mall St. Matthews….

New Santa Custom Card Option 1

 New Santa Custom Card Option 2

I’ll post a note up here when they are live on the site for purchases.


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