Technical Difficulties… how frustrating….

So I woke up this morning to server issues…Tried to ftp the updated files to the site and lo and behold they done put up a different page than what we have defined as our home page… turns out that it was time for us to renew some special we were on but I didn’t renew it for it said in the fine print if not renewed it would go into the original state.. and now no site nor email… FRUSTRATION!

 To make matters worse I’ve posted a case tracker on it and been calling but get voicemail and nobody had checked the status of my case.. and just now got a hold of someone about it via the phone… the site won’t be up till sometime tommorrow and I’ll have to repush my files and I’m getting charged a fee… UGGHHH

I will have access to my email later tonight so I’ll email the winner of the Lost Art of Writing  Giveaway later so I can start their journal…

this saga is to be continued shortly…..


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