Earth Tip: Interesting Earthy Site

As most of ZeVin Creation’s readers know I’m a earthy kind of person who is trying to work on my family’s footprint on mother earth — trying to save our planet in these crucial times.  Well I get the Seventh Generation newsletter via email and came across this interesting site in my readings today —

Blue Egg is an e-media company that celebrates attainable sustainable living. By providing clear, credible information and practical solutions, we want to help you become more mindful of the environment—without suggesting that you surrender style, comfort, and convenience, and without asking you to spend a lot of extra cash.

The site from what I’ve seen has some neat insights on ways to easily transition your daily activities to be greener and not be so overwhelmed. 

Now while on Blue Egg I found another interesting site that you will learn vocabulary and help work on world poverty at the same time – Free Rice.

Enjoy & Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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