Lost art of Letter Writing Giveaway!

So I was reading through messages for the great ETSY Greetings group I belong to.. and saw a member had an article written about their company discussing the “Written Word”.  If you have a chance please read it and post a comment on what you think… do you think people have forgotten how to write a letter?  A little something for our readers to do while I’m in DC….


Now here is the special enticement for you to write a comment….. Hmm a free custom altered journal (sample to the left) and some cards by fellow Etsy Greeting members!! That’s right folks I’m going to randomly select from the comments on this article and concept of Letter Writing and give the winner the stated prize!!!  Giveaway will end on November 6th and is for our Blog Readers only!!! (Note this is one of several giveaways we will be doing this month since it’s our **Anniversary Month**)

So get Commenting… and I’ll try to approve them while in DC…


10 Responses to “Lost art of Letter Writing Giveaway!”

  1. Elaine Says:

    In the card making and crafting world I think you’re more likely to run into people sharing the old fashioned way with a letter (and while that is not exactly the same as a letter), it definitely isn’t email! The written word is very special and meaningful to the recipient and I suppose also can make the sender feel good to know they’ve shared a little more of themselves!

  2. Janine Says:

    I love to write letters. I have many friends that I still write to and I do believe it is becoming a lost art. Technology is amazing and FAST !! People need instant gratification and obviously letter writing doesn’t do that.
    However, I love getting a letter or card in the mail. It makes you feel like the person sending it took the time !!
    Have a great day!!

  3. moralia Says:

    Honestly, Yes. In the day and age of “faster is better” and nobody has “any time for anything”, I think most would agree it’s *much* easier to just shoot off an email, a pm, or a text message. I love getting letters, but other than a little note in a card here and there.. I don’t think it happens much anymore, sadly. 😦

  4. nettystamps Says:

    The journal is gorgeous! I hope I am the lucky number! Thanks for sharing…..

  5. angelaandmelos Says:

    Actually I think the internet has alot to do with the decline of the written word. Email is very informal and text messaging even more so… seeing as especially in the younger generations it can be up to 80% of all outside communication, letters are so “out of date”. Its a shame as nothing is more romantic than a hand written thoughtful letter from a person you love.

  6. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings Says:

    Pretty Journal! I left my comment over there.

  7. bridedesign Says:

    As a fellow stationery designer and book binder, I am forever on a quest to share the joy of the written word. I am well-versed in computer technology but there are still many things I prefer to do the old fashioned way! Emails are fast, but nothing beats opening your mailbox to find a letter or card. So often the ones I recieve are embellished with pretty little things, or contain a funny picture. Knowing that someone put in the effort to write to you and buy a stamp means so much more than simply hitting “forward” and passing on a bunch of jokes. My blog is a great way to share my thoughts “in real time” with far-away friends and family, but I’ll keep my more personal thoughts handwritten and in a journal, thank you! And lastly, as much as I’ve searched for a “paperless” way to stay organized…I don’t think I will ever give up writing the lists I have come to rely on. It is so satisfying to cross something off as done, with a big, expressive, bunch of scribbling! That’s my (overly drawn out) 2¢. That journal is just too pretty!!!! I had to comment.

  8. Deborah Says:

    I send cards for just about any reason I can think of.Ask my friends!
    I dont know that people have forgotten how,its that they dont take time,just like they dont take time for themselves or their freinds or family like they used to.Its hurry hurry hurry to everything.Do more.Enjoy less.
    I think just as there has been a return to crafting by hands and purchasing handcrafted therewill ultimatly be a return to hand written word.

  9. janvangogh Says:

    Small world. Denise bought one of my paintings this summer.

    I think with the increase in technology, the demand for the handmade also increases — ie, lost arts, things that people no longer have the time for to do themselves.

  10. aBookworm Says:

    How true! I felt it most keenly recently when I sat down to write to my grandmother and realized I didn’t know what to write. I tried and then discovered my handwriting’s gone to pot! I was really shocked. I knew I didn’t write as much as I used to, but I never realized how much typing had taken over.

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