Live, Eat, Breath – Custom Orders & New Job


 So these past couple of days have all been about Custom Orders and the new job.  I started working for a local university on Monday part time in the early mornings.. and as most people know I don’t typically sleep much… I am the type of person that needs limited sleep for the most part and I typically sleep a little then wake up do stuff then sleep again while my child is asleep… BUT this new job starts at 7:50 AM which means in order to incorporate the whole routine of getting me and my daughter ready for the day I have to be up around 5ish… so my body and schedule have been adjusting and today is the first day I’ve been able to do business items such as check emails and BLOG….

Over the weekend I wrapped up this great custom order of jazz themed invitations for a birthday…. I have to say I really liked making this card despite all the cutting I had to do for the embellishment which was a silhoutte of jazz musicians ….. I hand cut each one with scissors for the outline and then used an exacto knife for the detail areas… Can we say my knuckles are RED… especially since I had to crank out a bunch due to the delay of the red paper I ordered (previous post)…. check them out all 100 of them….



I have TONS of that music paper left over (could only use half of a sheet per 2 cards) so I’m going to do something creative for the holidays with them so stay posted… As well if you like this custom design and are in need of a special card check out our custom page on the site…

Speaking of the site — Things will be changing for the site and blog starting Nov 1 — Due to some unplanned reasons and some upcoming changes in the company we will be changing the site behind the scenes code and ways of doing things.  Just to give you a heads up…I’ll post more later as things take effect.

Well all and all I’m ready to begin my blogging once a day again(EXCEPT when out of town for a show)… and that will take place earlier in the day so I can have my evenings to do ZeVin Creations stuff…. I will although be posting a bunch of things tonight…..

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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