Yikes.. it has been a couple of days huh…

Well I apologize for that… I’ve been keeping my head down so that I could focus on a custom order I’m working on which needs to be finished this coming Sunday… you know you plan for everything and the steps to get custom orders finished and then… BAM.. you run out of paper… OMGoodness… and then you go all over the city of Louisville trying to find the same paper and nobody has it so you start looking online and then people have like 4 sheets or 10 sheets but not the exact amount you need… So finally you buck up the energy to spend more money than this job was suppose to cost and get it directly from the source at a rush delivery shipping price….. So finally my paper has gotten here and I can finish the cards… needed the paper to make them complete…

 On another note… a little bit of exciting yet sad news — I got a job at a local university which will start on Monday… So a little bit of things are going to change.  I will start blogging early in the morning OR late at night prior to me going to bed so that I am able to spend time with my daughter and still make product for you all to see.  That has also added to the chaos these past couple of days…but for good reasons…

I want to thank you for being avid readers!!!  And stay tuned for the winner of the Hispanic Heritage Contest will be announced no later than Sunday….if you haven’t entered here is the direct link


Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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