Featured Cards of the Month: Celebrate Women Collection

It occured to me that I haven’t discussed the featured cards of the month into detail so here goes(as quoted from the October Newsletter)

Featured Cards of the Month – Celebrate Women

The Caring Woman All Celebrate Women Boudoir

Our featured cards for October is our Celebrate Women Collection. October recognizes various health issues that affect women such as Breast Cancer, Lupus, and AIDS. What better time of the year to celebrate the women in your life and encourage them to monitor their health not only for themselves but for the benefit of all lives they impact.

ZeVin Creations is proud to be part of the Indie For Awareness group. Independent business owners have formed this project to show support of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating a % of their sales to various Breast Cancer related organizations. ZeVin Creations will donate 50% to the Harriett B. Porter Cancer Education and Research Endowment (a local group that encourages screening and prevention for African Americans) based on the sale of our “The Caring Woman” cards. Read more about the Indie For Awareness group and check cards.

ZeVin Creations believes that you can acknowledge awareness months such as Breast Cancer with a card which is inspirational and rewarding. You can acknowledge an awareness month via a card by:

1. Sending someone that is associated with a particular awareness a thinking of you themed card.
2. Make people knowledgable of a particular Awareness of the Month.

 3. Acknowledge someones practices/cultures.
Now we know there are several awarnesses for the month of October, but take this time to do something you’ve never done before. Send a card just because it is a particular awareness month — Show someone that you care, that you respect them, or remind them of a cause. Be a part of changing our world to be a better place!

Keeping Making Gifts Within A Card!



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