Feature Holidays – Clergy Appreciation Month

Words of the Spirit Card

With today being Sunday, I wanted to take some time to highlight a holiday focused around the clergy persons of the world – Clergy Appreciation Month. The month was set aside as a way to honor the pastors/clergy and their families for all they do for us and the church/ministry they’ve been guided to lead. We are preacher’s kids and have been since birth — so we especially know how much pastors and clergy persons give or sacrifice for their fellow brothers and sisters in the spirit. Naturally you don’t need just a month to recognize the clergy person and/or pastor in your life but do it constantly to show your support for them.

As most know you don’t have to do much to show your appreciation for a clergy person. So here are a couple of ideas on how to recognize them.

Individual Persons:

  1. Help the clergy family by assisting in a home renovation or offer to babysit.
  2. Take your clergy person and/or pastor out for lunch.
  3. Keep your clergy person and/or pastor in prayer.
  4. Naturally give them a card expressing your gratitude.

Congregation Members:

  1. Coordinate a special event to honor your clergy persons and/or pastors.
  2. Dedicate a tree or room in honor of your clergy person and/or pastor.
  3. Provide some form of financial gift to the clergy family.

Thanks Among the Butterflies Gold Vine Thanks

We have posted some Religious & Thank You cards in our Ocassions Collection, and are currently working on some more to be posted next week.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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