Celebrate Women – Some Breast Cancer Insights

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So as stated yesterday in the post about Love Your Body — I’m going to post some items related to women’s health issues these next couple of weeks — since we are featuring our “Celebrate Women” cards for the month.

Did you know:

  • Being over weight by just 20 lbs ups your odds of breast cancer.
  • Although breast cancer strikes older women more, it is deadlier with younger women.
  • Minority women are more likely to die because of breast cancer

The last fact is something that really hits home with ZeVin Creations – hence why 50% of The Caring Women Cards (pink) sales goes to the Harriet B. Porter Cancer Education and Research Endowment.  Typically Minority Women don’t get diagnosed with breast cancer until they are in the later stages due to insurance or lack of education about the disease and forms of prevention.

Here is a little bit of information about the Harriet B. Porter Cancer Education and Research Endowment–

The Harriett B. Porter Cancer Education & Research Endowment was established in 2004 at the U of L James graham Brown Cancer Center by Woodford Porter and his family. Proceeds from the $250,000.00 gift will be used to fund community outreach programs in Louisville’s African American community to reduce cancer disparities, as well as support research that may someday help find a cure. The endowment will provide funding in perpetuity, creating a legacy of cancer survivors.  Mrs. Porter , a cancer survivor reached out to African Americans in our community who had been diagnosed with this life threatening disease. Her goal was to empower others through information and support.

So what can you as a reader do to help

  • If you are a women — make sure to do a monthly breast self-exam!  As well get your mammogram if you are over the age of 40!
  • Know your family history — if you have family members who have had any forms of cancer talk with your doctors.
  • Educate other women — send a get a mammogram card or just a friendly thinking of you card that expresses taking care of their body!  Work with local organizations that help get information to women.

Keep Making Gifts Within A Card!



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